Card Access Systems

card access system

Reliable, Easy to Use & Expandable

Access systems help you control and track who goes where and when.  There are many different types of readers including proximity, biometric, magnetic stripe and barcode readers. The access system software is a comprehensive, menu-driven package that is easy to learn and operate. Based on user privileges, operators can define or modify parameters (i.e. schedules or access levels), generate reports, or activate controlled devices (i.e. locking/unlocking doors, or activating relays for lighting or air conditioning.) Access systems can also be integrated with a security system for arming/disarming alarms or a video camera to match an event with an image. Other beneficial features of the software package include:

  • Email Reporting capability
  • Integrated badging
  • Elevator control
  • LAN / WAN connectivity
  • Remote Site Management (dial-up)
  • 4 User definable desktops
  • Two concurrent languages per operator
  • Customizable menus
  • Input supervision
  • Door locking management
  • Picture integration
  • Advanced alarm integration
  • First man rule
  • Secondary request to exit feature
  • Interactive floor plan
  • Visual diagnostics
  • Predefined and quick reports
  • Automatic backup
  • Context-sensitive help
  • View historical messages in desktop window
  • Program up to 10 custom messages to appear with events