GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems


Vehicle location using Google maps or satellite photos

GPS Tracking will give you the peace of mind and security of knowing where your employees, kids or elderly parents are and where they’ve been. The tracking device will help you ensure they’re practicing safe driving habits. With the Locate Now feature, you will always be in touch with your vehicle.

u-TRAQ Auto Features

  • Reliable and cost effective (only pennies a day)
  • Locate Now feature to locate from an internet enabled device (computer or cell phone)
  • Locate and recover missing vehicles
  • Engine On and Off reporting
  • Daily heartbeat
  • Email or text message notification for a user defined Speed Alert
  • Email or text message notification for up to three user defined Alert Zones. Get an alert if your vehicle enters or leaves one of your pre defined area boundaries.
  • Email or text message notification for a low battery
  • 60 days history
  • Location reporting every 5 minutes while engine is on (advanced plan only)
  • User friendly interface is easy to use
  • Our service is supplied at a fixed price


Commercial benefits of using a GPS Vehicle Tracking System

  • Manage company vehicles and employees more efficiently
  • Increased productivity of employees
  • Reduced communication costs
  • Better customer service by knowing where your service vehicle is
  • Reduced fuel bills by controlling speeding, idling and unauthorised use of vehicles
  • Improve route optimization